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Little Rock Central High Dance Team

  1. Morgan Jefferson: 1 Bag from Gerald Butler,2 Bags from Marilyn Thompson
  2. TaMya Hulum: 1 Bag from Angela Green, 3 Bags from Wendolyn Hulum, 2 Bags from Andrea Johnson
  3. Lyric Pearson: 2 Bags from Andrea Palmer
  4. Nyla McHenry: 2 Bag from MARISA BIRTS, 1 Bag from Auimondrea Daniels, 2 Bags from Felecia McHenry, 2 Bags from Gwen Johnson
  5. Dayon Lindsey: 1 Bag from Jasmine Brown, 1 Bag from Lecia Piggee, 2 Bags from Rhonda Forte, 2 Bags from Ashly Gladness, 1 Bag from Domonique Lindsey,2 Bags from LaQuisha Lindsey
  6. Kayla Kelleybrew: 2 Bags from Katrina Kelleybrew
  7. Anaysha Pennington: 4 Bags from Deniccia Bell
  8. Camille Johnson: 1 Bag from Diane Johnson
  9. Destyn Johnson: 2 Bags from Brenda Davis, 3 Bags from Raymond Sims, 2 Bags from Lisa Myers, 2 Bags from Courtney Johnson, 2 Bags from Wanda Whitmore, 3 Bags from Starks Family, 4 Bags from Marie Myers, 3 Bags from Kenneth Myers, 2 Bags from Nathaniel Camper, 3 Bags from Jc Myers, 2 Bags from Iva Kincade, 2 Bags from Britney Sims, 5 Bags from Jeryle Johnson Sr.
  10. K’Zareyah Wilson: 2 Bags from Gashen Humphrey
  11. J’kyla Miller: 3 Bags from Latoria Hall, 2 Bags from Braylon Williams, 10 Bags from Jimmy Miller
  12. Jaliyah Hall: 1 Bag from Braylon Williams
  13. Diya Patel: 1 Bag from Richa Patel, 3 Bags from Rahil Patel, 3 Bags from Anjali Patel, 1 Bag form Disha Patel

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